JVR Architects Ltd

Established in June 1990 by three architects Ilmar Jalas, Kalle Vellevoog and Enn Rajasaar. In 1998 architect Velle Kadalipp joined the owners' team.
The office is owned by principal architects

Velle Kadalipp (Estonian Academy of Arts 1986) Qualified Architect VII
Kalle Vellevoog (Estonian Academy of Arts 1986) Qualified Architect-Expert VIII

Besides them interior designer Sirje Kadalipp (Estonian Academy of Arts 1989); engineering architect Andrus Andrejev (Tallinn University of Technology 1996); building architects Martin Prommik (Tallinn College of Engineering 2004) and Lidia Zarudnaya (Estonian Academy of Arts, Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering 2008) are working in the office.

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