The title of Person of the Year 2018 was awarded by Postimees to the authors of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism „The Journey“ Kalle Vellevoog, Jaan Tiidemann, Tiiu Truus, Kirke Kangro and Lidia Zarudnaja. The memorial, built at Maarjamäe in Tallinn for the centenary of Estonia, was opened to the public on a celebratory summer week of the country’s jubilee year.

The editor in chief of Postimees Lauri Hussar says that „the memorial is one of the greatest successes in the history of Estonian monumental art, both artistically and semantically.

The memorial has become a place of mourning and remembering for those who lost their loved ones to the communist terrorism. It also serves as a magnet for tourists, helping us tell about the tragic events in our history. „Talking about the communist terror is important to prevent such things from ever taking place again,“ says Hussar.

The winning entry of the idea competition held in 2016, is comprised of two parts: „The Journey“ and „The Home Garden“. The first has the names of more than 22 000 victims written of its walls. The second has apple trees and sculptures of bees symbolising dreams, memories and longing for home.